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  1. Functional Ceramics Workshop April 19–20, with a reception April 18 at Wayne Center for the Arts 237 S. Walnut St. Wooster, OH www.functionalworkshop.com Now in its 40th year, Functional Ceramics Workshop is joining with Ohio Designer Craftsmen to present an exciting workshop with three dynamic presenters: Linda Christianson, Minnesota, will be altering thrown and handbuilt forms, and demonstrating handle, foot and spout-making techniques William Brouillard, Cleveland, will be demonstrating his majolica techniques Michael Hunt, North Carolina, will be demonstrating the Korean Onggi technique of creating large storage jars from slabs using a paddle and anvil Workshop fee:$180; students, $85 Register Now! See www.functionalworkshop.com or telephone (614) 486-4402