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  1. Raku

  2. Amaco Oxide Wash

    I fire cone 10 reduction and have just ordered some Amaco Oxide Washes. I use Shinos, ash, and a lot of iron based glazes, never have used oxide washes before and was looking for tips or a direction to follow. Thanks, Stewart
  3. Mini Soda Kiln

    Thank you very much! Stewart
  4. Mini Soda Kiln

    Thank you very much for your input. Would you suggest the burner port on and the chimney on the same side of the kiln? Thanks, Stewart
  5. Mini Soda Kiln

    The kiln is about 4 cubic feet and I was planning on using gas.
  6. I have a small, electric Euclid's kiln and want your opinion on whether a conversion to a mini soda kiln would to feasible or even possible to achieve? Not a lot of material out there about small conversions. Thanks, Stewart