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  1. Need Some Help For A One Time Project

    Hi Marcia Thank you for this comment. I did not realize the glazing was that critical of a process. I don't want a health hazard, that's for sure. I just wish they would have glazed these stones just like they glazed the whole crock. Makes it for easier clean up. I was hoping I could fire them. thanks kindly, Chris
  2. Hi folks -- I would like to trouble you for a little information, if I could. I have no experience at all in this area but want to do a one time project. I bought a ceramic crock recently to make sauerkraut in. It's great, but there is one thing about it I'm not that happy about. This type of crock uses two "weighting stones" of stone ware type material to hold the sauerkraut down inside of the crock. They are not glazed, just natural. I would like to glaze these pieces. My sister has a kiln that she slumps glass in that I could fire these pieces in. Could you give me a simple method and glaze recommendation for this project ? thanks kindly, Chris This is the crock system I'm talking about --