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  1. That is it! It is actually a glossy surface to the glaze and is foodsafe! This is one my favorite glazes currently. I made a 5 piece serving set using this glaze on the inside and mayco black walnut on the rim/outside.
  2. I recently bought a commercial glaze from the Georgie's line of Cone 6 glazes for oxidation. The name of the glaze was Terrazo. I have fallen in love with this glaze however, the commercial glaze is quite expensive to use on a regular basis (about $15 for a pint). Does anybody have a recipe that could mimic this glaze? Thanks in advance for any help!!
  3. Amaco Ancient Jasper Question

    I received a sample of this glaze from a handbuilding workshop I went to in Atlanta. I made a test tile for the glaze and absolutely loved it. I dip my test tiles 3 times at different levels so I can see how the glaze works when applied differently and they also have a break in the tile to see breaks in the glaze. I bought a pint of the glaze to put on a platter I had made. First time I fired it, I got an almost black color and really gritty. I figured out that I had definitely not applied it thick enough. Applied more glaze super thick and fired again. This time I got the same dark color but with streaks of red in the glaze. Not what I was hoping for even though I do like the effect. In my test tile I had a beautiful green with tints of tan and red in it. Guess I will have to do more testing. Will try to post pictures after Wednesday when I go back to school.