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  1. Scarva in Northern Ireland sell a selection of Ferro Frits that they describe as American. I can testify that their delivery service to mainland UK is excellent. Sally
  2. This happened when my shimpo was new. Everyone put it down to 'newness' and said it wouldn't last long. They were right. Two weeks later....panic over! Someone did say it happened because I was pressing down too hard on the wheel when throwing. I was new to throwing, and like you was worried it would turn my white clay a mucky colour.
  3. My workspace is so small that I have to tidy up as I go or I'll gradually be edged out of the door. I usually mop and wipe down when I've finished.........don't want that sinking feeling like you get first thing in the morning when you walk into the kitchen and last night's dishes are still there waiting to be washed up. Sally
  4. Such depth and eloquence so early in the morning (for me anyway). I need to put the kettle on and sit for a while with a cuppa to think about this. I think my soul kicks in at the design stage, working through all the ideas floating around in my head to come up with just one or two that I would really love to make. I start to make, full of hope that this time the end product will resemble in some way the picture in my head. Being still at that 'battle' stage you mentioned, Chris, I often don't even reach the end of the process.........soul destroying??? But when, occasionally, my pot comes out of the kiln looking good ( It doesn't have to be identical to the initial picture in my head, looking good will do just fine for me!) it's a heart-lifting moment. Sally
  5. I went to a Mayco screenprint workshop too. We added the silkscreen medium to an iron wash and mixed it with a palette knife until a peanut butter consistency. It was a stripey patterned screen and we pushed the iron mixture through with our fingers. When it was dry we brushed 3 coats of glaze over the top. The effect, when fired, was of curved, random-thickness lines where the iron had caused the glaze to run. Looked good. I bought a small pot of the silkscreen medium to use at home but haven't got around to it yet. This obviously won't suit you, Pugaboo......you're looking for a more precise print. The rep did say that they will make a screen of your own images, details probably on their site. I like what you' ve done so far-will watch out for your next post to see how you're getting on. These EZ screens look promising. I think I'll check out their shipping costs, unless anyone knows of a supplier in the UK? Sally
  6. I'll check that out. Thank you, Chilly. I think I may need a pillow under my upper body so the book is lower, Beaverwoman, but definitely worth a try. Thanks. Sally
  7. My bedtime reading habit! Holding up heavy library books while lying in bed makes my wrists ache the morning after, but what can you do...........it's part of my bedtime routine, and gets me to sleep. Using my kindle is better for my wrists, but would cost a fortune. Great for travelling, but you can't beat the local public library. Luckily ours hasn't been closed in the government financial cutbacks. Sally
  8. Hi Linda, I have just been out to the garage to check on my potclays decorating slips. The mid-blue that I use a lot is quite thick(double cream-ish) but did thin down slightly after a really good stir. I opened a brand new tub of yellow ochre and that was very thin, a milky consistency. The white slip that hasn't been used for a while was just solid lumps! I prefer the thicker slip as I print on my clay and it sticks to my woodblocks, creating a clearer image.....the watery slip looks a bit washed out. It depends on the effect you want to create. I'll be adding water to my white slip in an attempt to reconstitute it, but I am expecting the colour to be watered down too. Your black probably won't be as black if you water it down, but you may prefer that for the effect you are trying to produce. I've used Potclays slip without problems on porcelain and stoneware clay and been pleased with the colour under a clear glaze. I generally don't cover the whole pot with slip tho'. Try it and see......don't dilute the whole pot tho', just in case! Let us know how you get on. Sally
  9. I've really enjoyed this show, and totally agree with the judge's final decision. The winning potter's work is just my cup of tea. I won't say who it is.......don't want to spoil it for anyone watching on catch - up. Sally
  10. I've just had a quick look at the short biographies that were put out just before the series started. Matthew is the youngest at 23. Sally-Jo is nearest to him in age at 33. He had only been in his first job (as artist in residence in a northern school) for a couple of months when he was chosen to be on the show. I think the smugness mentioned earlier is rooted in embarrassment, and as a youngster he isn't quite sure how he should be reacting. He works very confidently with the clay, tho, and obviously has experience in all the areas of challenge so far. Jane was the most experienced female......22 years potting, following graduation from a ceramics course and a 2 year apprenticeship at Whichford Pottery. Jim, the most experienced male, has been potting for 25 years.........starting before Matthew was born!
  11. Happy times ahead. Hope your wife has an all-consuming hobby too, 'cos she isn't going to see much of you! Sally
  12. Well, I'm English, and I too struggled in places to catch what the potters were saying. But hey, they're just normal folk, not trained-up TV presenters. Let's cut them some slack. Sally
  13. Hope you had a lovely birthday, Evelyne. My daughter usually buys me a subscription to Ceramic Review at Christmas...a lovely gift that lasts the whole year. I have had a couple of vouchers too. I tend to use them for 'luxury' items such as tools, glazes, etc, that I've looked at on websites but can't justify buying. Always watching the pennies!
  14. I agree, Pugaboo, and what a lovely bunch of potters........not a super ego among them. I could have watched all night.
  15. According to my TV Guide they're making wash basins tonight. .??? Plus, the challenge is to throw the tallest possible vase.........while blindfolded!
  16. Love it. It's beautiful. Thank you for showing us what can be done with great care and precision.......oh, and skill, of course. I must mend my slapdash ways!
  17. Look up 'Blues, Plates, Prints and Paintings' on Youtube. It shows Paul Scott at Strathclyde Uni in Scotland demonstrating how to transfer images. He starts off with very simple methods, which is good if, like me, you're not very technical. I saw some of his blue and white work at the V&A in London recently.....definitely not simple printing now! He wrote a book called Ceramics and Print, covering many different print methods.
  18. My recently acquired replacement debit card has a wireless logo and I've just started using it. Just tap and go, contactless payment on sales of up to £30. It feels weird, but like most things if I do it often enough i'll soon get used to it. I think the powers that be have kept the amount low til they see how it compares re security.
  19. That thought had crossed my mind, oldlady, especially as they're moving to a smaller place. Plus........I could put the money saved on fees towards a small wheel. Yes, I am looking at the positives. Sally
  20. You're right, Chilly, closures are happening far too often. The studio was actually set up 3 years ago by tutors from the local college who were made redundant when the ceramics course was scrapped. It has had quite a high profile in the town but new members still haven't come in. It isn't for lack of trying. The latest news is that they are moving to a smaller place in the city 30 miles from me, and concentrating on artists and graduates. It isn't clear yet what is happening but they have promised to keep current members informed. I'm not a graduate.....or an artist for that matter, so I probably won't be moving with them. Sorry for hijacking your post, Paul. I just wanted to reply to Chilly's comment. Good to hear your new kiln is working its magic. Sally
  21. Well, it seems like I spoke too soon. I've just received notification that my local studio is closing down. Falling member numbers have made it unsustainable, so we've been give a couple of months to finish work, etc then Southport Ceramics Studio is no more. What now? I already talk to myself! Fortunately for me this site has lots of ideas and helpful folk who are happy to advise. Thank you all. Sally
  22. It's a great feeling......independence! I remember my test firing, dashing between the house and the garage every half hour to check temperatures, mistiming the start so I was up half the night waiting for it to switch off. It's taken a few months but I'm now feeling quite relaxed about the whole process. I still go to the community studio. I enjoy the chat, the ideas bouncing around, the knowledgeable potters who are happy to let you pick their brains.............and the lovely glazes! Many happy firings to you, Paul.
  23. These are beautiful. Your tools are works of art in themselves.
  24. Aaaah. I spoke too soon. I've found it. You need to click on Album first. Thanks Chilly
  25. Same for me, oldlady, and I'm in the UK. All Stuff isn't appearing anywhere. I'm using an ipad app.......wonder if that makes any difference to what comes up?
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