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  1. I use both of those glazes. They must be applied to bisque. I fire to ^6. I think you might have the best results firing to ^5. The potters choice line works well with most any Amaco glaze. From what I have seen.
  2. Help Needed!

    I have issues with cracked skin during the winter. A bunch years ago I found a product named Crack Cream. It is available at most major drug stores and on line. It is named Zims Crack Cream. Another way I have dealt with cracks in my fingers is to: Wash your hand like a doctor does before surgery (hot water and soap). Apply your favorite First Aid Antibiotic and put a "Band aid" and then secure it with a water proof tape. The bandage stay on until I change it and I'm able to throw wearing the tape. I wear the bandages until the crack heals.