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  1. Thanks to both of you for the encouragement. Happy Holidays:)
  2. Hi Marcia & Deb, Thanks for your answers. It took a while, but here are some of my tests. Mid range red clay fired at cone 5. Left of tile shows 3 coats of Amaco underglazes over studio glaze, and right side shows them under. Left tile has Paul's White (A), Middle has Satin White (A) and right has French White © 1)Colors from top to bottom: LUG 43: Dark Green, bubbled on A & B Left LUG 21: Medium Blue, bubbled on A left LUG 26: Turquoise LUG 22: Dark Blue LUG 1: Black http://picasaweb.goo...562219560356242 2) Colors from top to bottom: LUG 60: Light yellow, bubbled on A, B & C Left LUG 65: Orange LUG 61: Bright Yellow, bubbled on A & B Left LUG 40: Chartreuse, bubbled on A & B Left LUG 55: Purple http://picasaweb.goo...562233424094338 3) Colors from top to bottom: V 315: Peach, bubbled on B Left V 382: Red V 372: Mint Green: peeled off on A&B left V 320: Lavender V 380 Violet http://picasaweb.goo...562235847313666 4) Colors from top to bottom: V303: Terracotta, peeled off on A left V 382 Red V 381 Amethyst V 370 Velour Black , bubbled on A, B & C at left http://picasaweb.goo...562240135736850 5) Grey Stoneware, painted with underglazes and sprayed with frit 3124, fired to cone 5 http://picasaweb.google.com/belozercov/Tests#5549562275082881474 6) Grey Stoneware painted with underglazes and sprayed with Gerstley Borate, fired to cone 5 http://picasaweb.google.com/belozercov/Tests#5549562288754556370
  3. Thanks, Marcia. A while ago I made some tests with a satin glaze under and on top of stains and commercial underglazes. I liked it best with the color on top of the glaze . The finish was really nice, but some of the underglazes and stains peeled off. I have not tried it using a commercial glaze yet. It's on my list. I like color and the depth you achieve by layering underglazes and the possibility of multiple firings, having a glaze somewhat limits the process. I read of a Gerstley Borate washes, frit finishes and/or mixing some fluxes to commercial underglazes, but with my tests I have not obtained good results so far. Any other ideas?
  4. I made some tests by brushing 3110, 3124 and 3134. I used 1 tsp in a cup of water. The solution showed a lot of brush marks; and after firing at cone 5, it showed more sheen where it was more thickly applied. I made another test spraying frit 3124, it showed some sheen after firing at cone 5, but not the satiny finish I was hoping for. Next test was spraying Gerstley/Gillespie borate solution using 1 tsp in about 3 cups of water. I fired again at cone 5, which is the lowest standard temperature for glazing at the community college where I fire my pieces. The result was a very dry harsh finish. My intention is to find a finish that adds a slight flux to the stained and underglazes I use to finish my pieces, something that doesn't look neither too dry or too shiny. I can fire at other temps if I can gather enough work to fill a small kiln. I would appreciate some ideas in how to apply these or other materials to obtain that satiny, smooth finish that I dream of. Thanks and Happy Thanksgiving!