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  1. using hydrometer

    Hi Val, The hydrometer and the paint pot are both good simple ways of measuring the viscosity of your glaze. However, the thinness or thickness of the glaze isn't dependent upon strictly the amount of water that it has in it. It is also important to know if your glaze is acidic or base, and it's good to know how to adjust the situation with that glaze. One of the clearest explanations of this situation is a You Tube video by John Britt. Here is the address for this video. I'm sorry that I haven't figure out yet how to actually post a link within the text. So here it is, just copy and paste this to your browser and you should be able to get there. I hope this helps. Jim
  2. I use a clean smooth round DRY sponge insted of my fingers when pressing slabs onto or into forms. Some folks use bean bags, sand bags and the like. Matt, Very good comments. Jim
  3. Home made slab roller?

    I think that slab roller was the start of Mr. Bailey's calling! I have used a Bailey and think it is , like most of his equiptment, outstanding. My slab roller is an OLD Dick Blick etching press, all steel, micro vernier adjustments, double rollers, 4:1 ratio gears. Sweet! The only problem is that it is limited to 12 in. width for the slab. If we need a wider slab, we use the press to get the slab started, then finish with a rolling-pin. If folks ask around, they might find something similar. Worth a try.