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  1. Albany Slip Sub

    What Albany Slip Substitute do people like? and have used? I am looking for a sub for cone 6 ox on stoneware....... Patricia Bridges Bridges Pottery www.bridgespottery.com
  2. Falls Creek Shino

    WHat Albany SLip Sub do people like??/
  3. Producing Dinner Ware

    Dinnerware is a small part of my overall production.Dinner Plate 11" $40, Salad Plate 8-9" $25-$30 and cereal bowl $20, Pasta Bowl $30 I think dinnerware is hard for small potters with rather limited space. I get bottlenecked when I have a big dinnerware order as I have a small studio. They also create a TON of trimmings and recycle time that some other work doesn't entail.
  4. I have used square for over 2 years and it's a great way to accept credit cards without any long contract etc. Works very well for my business.
  5. Gluing Pieces Before Glazing

    Re: Glue If a small piece needs to be re-attached before a final glaze - there are a few variable that make or break it for me. I sometimes glue the piece on and then glaze it well around the attached part. If the attached part is going to fall off based on gravity - then it may do so in the kiln. If it's something like a knob on top of a lid, then gravity will keep it there regardless of the glue. If the attached piece is on the side hanging off - it never works, if it's sitting on something it works. Best of luck. Patricia Bridges Bridges Pottery www.bridgespottery.com
  6. There is a good thread on Emily Murphy's facebook page and probably on her blog too.... http://www.facebook....121&topic=12808 Good read and input from fellow potters regarding making a living/life of pottery.
  7. Warping

    Hi - I am a potter on Long Island and I make yarn bowls too. I sometimes get a little warping - doesn't really bother me too much but I think that any warping that appears in the glaze run is from the piece being unsupported and just wilts a bit. Doesn't always happen and I agree with firing at a lower cone for less warp. Happy knitting. Patricia @BridgesPottery.com
  8. Time To Get Ready For Your Holiday Home Show!

    I am gearing up right now for my Annual Show and Sale. For the past several years I have rotated around a bit - whoever had a recent kitchen renovation was a good mark. This year I am being hosted by a local bookshop in town. One thing I have found to be very valuable is to keep a record of what people bought the year before. It helps with great customer service when someone can't remember what they got/gifted last year. Patricia Bridges - Bridges Pottery
  9. Bridges Pottery

    Fall 2010