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    Hi Newbie: I installed a ceramics studio in my basement garage which lies directly under my house. I vented my envirovent out of a casement basement window, works great (like a dryer vent). I would suggest to you to get a connector kit to connect your small kiln to your existing envirovent system. Fresh air is needed for the envirovent system to work properly. It moves about 140 cubic feet per hour. I used to crack my garage door to pull in the needed fresh air (instead of it coming from the house area). Later, since I have old garage doors (didn't want to give bugs/rodents a way in) I took out a window pane on the garage door and replaced it with a removable plexi piece and added some flexible window screen to the area. When I run the kiln I replaced the plexi piece with a plexi piece thats 2 inches shorter than a full piece and thats just enough air flow. Heat rises and I get some warm air in the studio but nothing dramatic. I keep my first level basement door closed so it drafts through my makeshift garage door window. If you have fresh air coming in, and venting going out you've created a negative flow which makes it difficult for any escaping fumes to hang around.

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