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  1. Making Paper Clay In Pug Mill

    I have a Peter Pugger and it can mix even dry mix into clay and seems to do a great job of mixing reclamed dry and hard clay and water really well into very workable clay. Thanks for your advice though. I will give it a try. Doc Joe <><
  2. I hope this winter to start working on an outdoor fountian and plant to use a whie stoneware clay. I want to turn the stoneware into paper clay and planned to just mis the paper pupl into the clay in my Peter PUgger. Will this work? Help anyone!
  3. Faith-Mug.jpg

  4. Early Work

    Items created during my first two years of doing pottery.
  5. FHL Vase blue.jpg

    Signature Pice I make out of porclean with the words, Faith, Hope and Love hand painted around the bowl.