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  1. Where To Find Recipe For A Stock (Laguna) Glaze

    Thank you, John and Joel. I will try to find out more information based on the MSDS information, including going to the supplier in person and seeing what I can find out (and getting more of the glaze!) I'll post here what I learn; it's a pretty glaze. Whiteshirts
  2. I am looking for the recipe for a glaze I would like to deconstruct and then rebuild, as well as tinker with. It may be proprietary; it is Laguna dry glaze #553, a slightly crystalline off white, grey to cream, that layers beautifully. Thank you, John! Patricia Dranoff
  3. I've just this week returned from both Tokyo and Kyoto, and had the same question. I went to Tokyo hands and all they had were a few small tools for working with Sculpey clay; your average Blick art store has more. I spoke with one gallery owner who also is a potter, who said you need to go to Shigaraki (a wonderful trip all by itself) in order to get tools. This fellow has lived and worked in Kyoto for 30 years, so he must know.
  4. lava in glazes

    Does anyone have experience using crushed lava in glazes? I have seen the "fat glazes" pots from Germany and that is not what I am aiming for. I've been told lava fires at 1100 fahrenheit; is that correct? and how/is it possible to add color to lava, which I assume fires to black glass.