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  1. Kiln Sitter Problem

    The timer was on, probably prevented serious damage. The cone is only stuck to the rod, it appeared to be on the support bars but popped right off when I wiggled it. it's about 1/4 inch from the tube. Thanks
  2. Kiln Sitter Problem

    The sitter appears to be in good condition. I'm not 100% but I believe that it was replaced within the last year or two, and I have used it on multiple occasions without issue. Right now the rod can't be moved because the cone melted to it, so I can't be certain if there is any other obstructions. Thanks.
  3. In my last firing the kiln sitter malfunctioned resulting in an over-fire. I used an 06 cone that ended up as a black blob stuck to the sitter and the majority of the works ended up stuck to the shelves due to glaze run off. For the most part everything seems okay, some of the colors are a little funky but nothing too bad. Could this have been the result of a faulty cone or is the sitter to blame? What are some recommendations for me to a.) get the remnants of the cone safely off the sitter, and b.) get the work off the shelves without too much damage. Thanks in advance!