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  1. I sure willl ... may be a week or so. I will have to do a bisque first. Working in a Halloween party and camping trip into the mix of things too.
  2. Fired-On Images

    Hey, I tried this a few years ago and got really good results, but then I tried to repeat using the same process, and the images burned away. I'm thinking that it may make a difference as to which glaze you have used, as some seem to eat the image.
  3. Many thanks to Tom and bciskpottery. Am trying to test with every new kiln fir. SUS
  4. Would really appreciate a formula for a good 'clear' clear ^6 glaze to use with Standard's 308 Brookland Red clay. Ones I've tried have either been milky or crazed.
  5. I spent quite a long time looking at John Post's site last night. I found it very interesting and plan to test several of the glazes he generously offered. Also enjoyed seeing his studio and viewing his beautiful pots. Well worth viewing. SUS