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  1. Coloring Embossed Lettering

    I like the idea of sanding. Will try it. Thanks!
  2. Coloring Embossed Lettering

    Thanks for the idea. Unfortunately, I'm not all that handy with a brush.
  3. Hi All - I have purchased an inexpensive alphabet set to emboss lettering on a bunch of mugs. I have tried using iron oxide to highlight the lettering, finishing off with a transparent white glaze (Glaze firing Cone6). Problem is, once I have applied the iron oxide and wiped it off, bits of colorant get into the the surrounding bisques body. The result is an antique look, which is nifty. However, I would prefer that only the lettering was stained. (I've tried mason stain too, but when I sponge down the pot, that stain washes off the embossed area as well as the rest of the mug.) What are my best options for cleanly highlighting the lettering? Thanks.