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  1. lhgrubbs

    Custom Stamp Source?

    This has Got To Be the Coolest Idea! www.shapeways.com
  2. lhgrubbs

    Custom Stamp Source?

    www.claystamps.com makes a great stamp and offers a reasonable discount for Ceramic Arts Daily blog readers. Please use the "c.a.d" (ceramic arts daily) coupon code when checking out for a 15% discount on stamp orders.
  3. lhgrubbs

    Custom Stamp Source?

    The best source for a custom made pottery stamp has got to be www.claystamps.com. They will make a custom stamp from your mark in brass. or from any images. The Clay Stamps last forever and come with a 100% guarantee of satisfaction. I have a number of them myself so I consider the cost reasonable to get a hand made product.
  4. Google AdWords only cost money. Never ever saw a penny ROI. I would rank it like this. Etsy has more people looking then enywhere else I've seen. Second is your own friends network with Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, websites third are features in publications like CM. forth are galleries, shows and demos to get your name out in the community. Galleries and shows take lots of time and money but they do produce real money. Last I checked the Clay Stamps at Claystamps.com are #1 on all the search engines and gets international as well as state side customers.
  5. As a ceramic artist and production potter and entrepreneur. I leverage every venue to the extent that time allows. for examples: http://www.claystamps.com http://www.commonart.us http://www.facebook.com/leroy.grubbs I must confess to having an advantage since I do websites professionally: http://www.advbus.com the cost is minimal. LeRoy
  6. As a ceramic artist I do have a commercial website and personal sites (FB, Twitter, ...) The formula for success has two variables. Production * Time = Recognition. Making good pottery that is art and functional, as required for stores and shows, remains the greatest challenge. Leveraging social connections and forums is essential to sucess on the internet. www.claystamps.com www.commonart.com www.facebook.com/leroy.grubbs

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