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  1. Is Canvas well just CANVAS?

    When I had very limited studio space and was working alternately in white & red clays on a regular basis, I used portable boards. I covered 2 ft by 4 ft pieces of 3/4" plywood with heavy cotton duck from the fabric shop, fixing it with a staple gun on the back. I had one exclusively for porcelain, one for red earthenware, and one for the raku clay I used which was black when raw. The plywood stood up well to the washing I did after every use, so dust was not a problem. The boards were also very handy when doing demos in schools, galleries, and other small spaces because I could just throw them in the car with my tools. Have studio will travel!
  2. Winter Fantasy for Cold Potters

    Dreaming as I am of warm sunny places like Puerto Rico, I guess I still do live in a pretty fab place. Definitely the most beautiful part of Canada here on the Pacific Coast. Just wish it wouldn't rain quite so much!
  3. Winter Fantasy for Cold Potters

    I sometimes daydream about moving to a civilized country like Canada. When I was a kid I hitched to Canada and worked all summer in Tilsonburg, Ontario. On the weekends I hitched all over the eastern half of Canada. What a beautiful country and great people. Jim WE often camped in Eastern Canada in the summers. Things were inexpensive, weather was moderate for summer with lower humidity, and the Eastern Provinces have great scenery, and were not as crowded and developed as the US especially at national parks. This was mostly in the 70's and 80's before the big highway building programs.

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