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  2. I am an old sculpturer and potter.Have stopped for awhile because of too much potting. But want to get back. I learned lots from Vivika and one was you can reduce in an electric kiln without any harm to anything......Vivika and Otto did this & I did some of my best pots with it. "Necessity is the mother of invention".

  3. WOW ,this is such an awesome post. You did all those years and years ago and got paid, saved them and now are firing them and the main part.... sharing it all with us....thanks!! And I am learning a whole lot about this Skutt Kiln with a programmer came to me after my AIM Cone Kiln of 30 years died for good.... Just for grins I would take that broken piece that probably had an air bubble in it and the surviving pieces.....make up some paper clay with similar clay (using NorthernUltra - say 50/50 clay) use it to put the pieces back on and smooth a thin layer over the whole thing filling in the hole parts.....and fill a bunch in the Big Crack also.......and then refire it. No paper clay is nothing fancy, but when it works it is a "Miracle Clay"........and I have seen some miracles with it...... Just curious, is that an old Gladding-McBean picture........i was there once or twice......