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  1. Hi all, I need a cone-10 clay body using these three ingredients. We have tons of - Tile-6 XX Sagger Cedar Heights Goldart These three ingredients, especially the Tile-6 need to get used up. Until next order, XX Sagger is the only ball clay I have available and I've never used it before. -=- We also have plenty of- Grolleg EPK Redart Custer, Neph Sy, G-200 locally sourced fireclay - to add as extra ingredients. -=- I'm shooting for a moderately plastic buff stoneware. Here's my old recipe 19 Grolleg 19 Tile-6 or EPK 15 OM-4 (all out, on order) 25 Fireclay (all we had until the goldart showed up) 20 Custer 2 Bentonite It throws nice, but it is very thirsty and slakes down fairly quickly.