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  1. Cone Different Top To Bottom

    Thank you everyone for your help!
  2. Cone Different Top To Bottom

    Okay I just had an epiphany. Since I plan on bisque firing to cone 04 and glaze firing to cone 05, can't I just put geenware on the top part of the kiln and glaze coated bisque on the bottom? Is there anything wrong with this plan?
  3. Cone Different Top To Bottom

    My maunal says Controlled Cooling Normal firing to cone 5, rapid* cooling to 1950° with a 30 minute hold. Slow cooled to 1100°, then normal cooling to room temperature. This is a useful profile when glaze firing to ensure gentle cooling and avoid cracking or crazing. As an exmaple? I can't find anything else on the Skutt site but maybe I'm missing something?
  4. Cone Different Top To Bottom

    Okay, what would be a good rate of cooling down? My manual says how to program a controled cool down but doesn't have a set program. Thanks
  5. Hello, I just got a new (used) kiln and am hoping to get some help as I am new to operating kilns. The kiln is a Skutt KM1227 with a vent. I got it all set up and fired it yesterday at 04 medium speed with just the shelves, posts and cones to test it out. I mostly do time consuming sculpture and didn't want to put anything in it without knowing if it was working right. It seemed like it was firing correctly, I followed the ramp in the manual and it seemed the same. The only problem is it seems to be about a cone cooler near the bottom of the kiln then at the top. It was just a little hotter than 04 at the top and about 05 at the bottom. Could it be caused by an old element? All of the elements are getting hot but I don't know how to tell if they need to be replaced anyway. If I used it the way it's firing now will it cause problems? Thank you for your help!