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  1. Searching for Keraflex Porcelain!

    It sounds similar but I don't think the ceramic substrate is flexible - that's one of the qualities, besides translucency, that I'm seeking.
  2. Searching for Keraflex Porcelain!

    Thank you Marcia - I heard that they have had a vendor at NCECA in the past but fear they may not this year since the American supplier does not know when they will have it in stock again. Fingers crossed!
  3. Searching for Keraflex Porcelain!

    Correct, Mark - they no longer carry this product.
  4. I am having issues finding keraflex porcelain - a transparent, durable ceramic material that comes in .5mm sheets of paper, which can then be cut, constructed and fired to cone 10. Does anyone have this material and know where I can purchase it? I recently found out that the only American supplier, ceramicArtcart, does not know when they will have it in stock again... I've looked online and found other sites in Europe - I've contacted several of them to see if they are able to ship it to the U.S (I'll keep you posted on what I find). Thank you!

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