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  1. What a great idea. This can replace the flimsy splash pan I have on my Clay boss. It's the worst design ever made and this will fix all those problems. Thanka for sharing. Peggy Twiin Star Pottery
  2. Re-Glazing Cone 6 Glazed Pieces ? ? ?

    I found out that if you set the computer to fire at a cone 6 it actually fired to a 7 in my L&L kiln. So I now set it to a 5(for cone 6 glazes) with a 15 min hold and it works just fine. The 7 witness cone never bends, the 6 is just right and 5 all the way down. Good luck.
  3. Pinging Pots

    That was a great education on the pinging and crazing . Thanks so much for schooling an ole timer.