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  1. Thank you all for your timely replys! I fixed the concern using two techniques. I Photoshoped a design pattern that fit over the nine red ladies skirts that are on my tile mural, printed them onto decal paper, applied them, and fired them to cone 06. This added a really good demension to the peice that the plain red (and spotty) overglaze didn't offer. I then used a Testors Enamel Paint Marker to touch up some areas that could have used more of the decal pattern to cover the red spottiness. I'm very pleased with the results! Thanks again for your insight. I'll post a picture of the piece as soon as I get a chance. Ed
  2. Hi everyone, I coated parts of a tile mural with red underglaze, but after glazing and firing, the red is very spotty. I didn't apply the underglaze thick enough and you can see light and dark patches throughout the piece. Any ideas on how I can touch this up now that it's glazed and finished? Are there red overglazes or another method I can use to even out the red in this piece? Any ideas would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Ed
  3. Music For The Making

    Nothing does it better for me than Carlos Santana! Try cranking up AquaMarine, One With You, Transcendence, Song Of The Wind, The Sensitive Kind, American Gypsy, Silver Dreams Golden Smiles, Open Invitation, I'll Be Waiting, etc., etc., etc. I could go on and on................They aren't the run of the mill Santana songs you hear on the radio, you just might like them!
  4. Thank you all for the quick replys. I will be trying these possible remedies before the week is out. I have the mural I'm doing sitting for a couple months now in the bone-dry state, and I broke this same tile twice already. I'm tired of making it, so hopefully one of the techniques you've provided will work for me. Being new to tile making, I now understand the beauty of making molds! Thanks again. I'll post pictures of some of my work I just fired. Eddie
  5. Good morning everyone, I'm a newbie to ceramic tile making and have a question. I broke one of my tiles in a mosaic and it is in the bone-dry state and underglazed. Is it possible to rejoin these two pieces with a slip made from the same clay body, or do I have to recarve the one tile? Thanks for any insight into this. Eddie