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  1. Where Should I Put My Kiln?!

    When I was in Montana I had a large oval and a small test kiln outside under a 15 x 20 roof with 2 sides sheltered. They were out of the weather. Manufacturers have their own specs for distance from combustibles. Go online and check with the manufacturers sites. Some say 18" but others say more. When it is cool you can always keep it covered and protected. Outside temperatures should not be an issue. Thankyou sooooo much - I don't know why I didn't think of that!! I've just been on the manufacturers very informative website and pretty much answered all of my questions! However I still welcome any advice from experienced kiln-owners. Thankyou again, Stephanie
  2. Hello everyone! I've just graduated in ceramics and have used the college's kilns up until now so am new to this area! I've just purchased an extremely good condition 2nd hand electric kiln. Its small (for a kiln), being a 13amp plug-in. I haven't fired it as yet as I really don't want to fire it in my house and I do not have a garage. I've resigned myself to building a 'lean-to' at the side of my house against the brick wall. Would this be the best thing to do? If not, what other options do I have? Does anyone know how far the walls of the 'lean-to' should be away from the kiln? What would be the best material to make the kiln 'shack' out of, bearing in mind that I need to get planning permission to build a permanent structure which rules out bricks and cement. What is the best thing to consider about air vents? And am I just protecting my kiln from rain and snow - do I need to take summer/winter outdoor temperatures into account? In fact, if anyone has any info at all about where to place my kiln and considerations I should take in to account it would be incredibly useful! Thankyou in advance for any help you can give