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  1. Interesting! Think I understand now..I also high fire Thank you for your help, I am just out of college and have been mollycoddled by wonderful technicians for five years and setting up my own studio will be a trial..and probably quite funny ! Hehe
  2. Your Web Presence

    Interesting..I am fresh out of college and have only had the help and advice of serious experts for the last 5 years..I am now attempting to set up my own studio here in the US..I'm trying to resist not dropping them an email to ask questions..the amount I do not know could be put in a book the size of a phone directory But I know the very, very basics to get myself started and expect to mess up incredibly along the way whilst learning
  3. Thanks Jessica! That does help a lot I am still wondering though, why people use them? Everyone I know in Europe has never used them ! Any insight on that? I know they show you heat distribution etc ..but unless your kiln is on the fritz and inconsistent what is the need for them? Is it because people mostly use manual as opposed to digital here??
  4. Tiny Pinhole Clusters

    Hello Plattypus... I had a pinholing problem some years ago and was advised to give a half-hour soak once the kiln reached temperature - it worked for me. It's also the case that clay which is underfired at bisque may retain moisture which could also explain pinholes forming during a higher temperature glaze firing Hope this helps Christine This is what I did..it does help,..but if you're spraying it has a lot to do with the even-ness (sp?) of your spraying technique. When I first started spraying it was white glaze on bisque on very curved and difficult forms...boy did I learn quick! 30 min soak usually fixed my problems when the glaze was applied correctly
  5. Greetings! I was wondering if any of you could offer advice/suggestions for me! I just moved to the US from Ireland. I studied Ceramics in NCAD in Dublin and I have just acquired my own studio in Raleigh and I'm working on getting it workable and liveable for August. Here I have noticed absolutely noone works in Fahreinheit... to explain what my issue is, I am fresh out of College and not only did I never work in Fahrenheit, I worked with two very very experienced technicians who never bothered with Cones..(They've worked there for over 30 years and are both accomplished sculptors)... I have been working in Clay for five years and I have no idea what a cone even is! For some reason I have a sense of shame and guilt about this even though I understand the atlantic ocean has created different ways of working!...Do you any of you have any reccomendations on a good article I can read to make sense of the changeover in my head? (Also so if someone is speaking to me about cones I don't just look at them blankly and say duhhhh...) Thanks

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