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  1. My first experience with clay was as a primary student at Beatrix Potter's Primary School in London, England. My second experience with clay was at Secondary School at Garrett Green's Girls' in Art class. Both experiences prepared me for modeling clay in Sculpture class as part of my BFA at Mount Allison, Canada. However, nothing fully prepared me for the learning curve like the hand-building and throwing classes that I took under Walter Ostrom and Jane Donovan at The then Nova Scotia College of Art & Design in Halifax, Canada. Those two potters opened my eyes to a new passion of forming things from mud. It's contagious!!!!
  2. OMax Ceramics (Bermuda) is a one woman studio with a focus on throwing functional ware that is hand painted and decorated on island. Est. 1994.

  3. That's an awful lot of electricity "Idaho Potter". In Bermuda we need to be more conservative with power. So, I've found that bisque firing my pots, then working underglaze decorations on bisque works for me. I have been using a Diamond Clear or Envison Glaze by Duncan and I haven't had any problems with smearing. I've just switched to Pure Brilliance - I find it VERY globby and thick. I really had to mix it with the paint mixing bit and electric drill and the hand whisk before it was properly ready for use. I can see how if you use it too thick it will drag the decoration and make it smudge. Try diluting it (not watery but like creamy yogart) and hand mixing the glaze after ever application. Dipping tongs with a quick wrist movement works well too. I am yet to find out how this new glaze fires.