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  1. Hello, I'm attempting to make masks from cone 10 porcelain for a costume group for my friends and I. I need a few opinions on some parts of the mask making. They are to look like hollow masks, from the anime Bleach. I'm using cone 10 because i need the masks to be decently strong, i'm ordering this http://kcclay.com/porcelain-cone-10-liquid-clay-casting-slip-2gal-bucket.html porcelain for the project. My plan is to get the porcelain, press it to the face(using straws so the nose can still breathe) and carving the shape out before removing the mask from the face. This is the mask I'm making for myself, it should be the easiest to do(as it only covers half the face). I'm going to carve and shape it out to match, and then make the ridges for the red paint to be applied after firing. I'm not sure if i should try carving the teeth with the mask, or making them seperately and using a strong glue to attach them to the mask? And the luster of the surface is suppost to look like clean bone, not actually very shiny like most porcelain I see, I'm assuming thats from extra primers and such they add after firing, but any suggestions on getting that kind of luster? I'm also making the parts reaching upwards reach farther around the head in an attempt to not have to use a string with the mask. And I'm not sure how well the shape of the masks hold after carving but before firing, it will take a while to make all the masks and make them keep their shape, any ideas on keeping them from warping? they need to fit perfectly.

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