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  1. Hey, all: I recently moved into the Clay Underground in San Francisco (http://www.theclayunderground.com) which (shameless plug) still has space available. If you're looking for studio space in San Francisco, you can't really do better without buying a house ($$$$). The Clay Underground also runs some classes, and the full-time artists there (like me) tend to drop by and help out the students on general technique: http://www.theclayunderground.com/classes/ . There's currently 8 Shimpo wheels (these seem to be a favorite with schools now), a slab roller, an extruder, and three electric kilns. It's also more spacious than just about anything in San Francisco. If that's not your speed, I can also recommend: * Sharon Art Studio in Golden Gate Park. This is a subsidized student facility with a great faculty and terrific, friendly group of students. Drawbacks are (a) since it's a student facility, you can't sell your work, and ( there's a waiting list to get in. * SMArt Gallery and Studio, in the Tenderloin. Run by a former SFSU professor of ceramics (Steven Allen, who's been featured in CM), this studio has 6 Shimpo wheels, 2 electric kilns and a very serious glaze lab. Quite cramped compared to Clay Underground, but has a serious gallery attached if you want Steve's help selling your work.

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