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  1. Help with firing

    Quick update: cress told me to try firing again. so this morning I tried to do a firing. I set it up and just turned the top elements on and there was no hum. So now they are not working. So then I went into the box and tried to see if the wires were lose and to be safe I just redid everything, put the box back on and tried again. Same thing there was no hum and the elements are not heating up. It has to be the switch, wires or the connection. I just don't know which one.
  2. Help with firing

    Lucky thing, this is a manual kiln (no computer) so there are even fewer parts that can go bad. Do you have a multimeter? At very least you should be able to check for continuity in the element. It would be odd that it would be broken so soon after installing it, but you never know. Are you sure you have the switch set correctly? Sometimes I've seen people install them upside down so that when they think they are set on "high", they are actually in the "off" position. Its pretty much either the switch, the wiring to the switch, or the element. Check each component individually and you'll have your answer. I do have a multimeter. I had help installing the switches by someone who works with kilns, so I'm pretty sure the weren't installed improperly. -Lisa Grigaliunas
  3. Help with firing

    This is my first kiln I've ever owned. So I'm totally new to this. Cress said that the top coils won't glow until 2 to 3 hours on high. So when I got this kiln I had to replace both the infinite switches on it. Then after all the repairs I test fired it to cone 04. It was successful and took about an hour and fifty five minutes. Then when I went to do a bisque that weekend it was on for 14 hours and never reached cone 04. That's when I saw in the spy hole that the top elements were not glowing, so in response to that, I changed all the elements. Then when I finished replacing the elements, I did a test fire to cone 04. It didn't reach temperature even after 2 hours. So this is why I'm thinking something is wrong. Any help in solving this would be great. I'm racking my brain trying to figure this all out on my own. -Lisa Grigs
  4. Help with firing

    I have a Cress kiln. Its a B23H. It's a forty year old kiln. I've replaced both the switches prior. Cress said to check my voltage, so I'm going to do that as well.
  5. Help with firing

    Were the new elements identical, or were they labeled top/bottom or center? A center element in the top section will not glow until around 900F. You can remove and reinstall the elements if necessary because they are pliable since they are new. You should not fire the kiln until you are sure the elements are in the correct positions, because it doesn't take long before the elements become brittle and very difficult to remove without breaking. Sincerely, Arnold Howard Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA ahoward@paragonweb.com / www.paragonweb.com The elements were identical. I got them from the manufacturer. I provided the the model number and voltage and serial number. The elements had no labels to indicate if they were top, bottom, or center.
  6. Recently, when I did a bisque fire I noticed from the spy hole that my top elements were not glowing, and the kiln ran for about 14 hours and never reached temperature. I assumed it was time to replace the elements. So I did. When I tried doing a test fire the top elements are still not glowing at all. They are producing heat, but I don't know if they are producing enough heat. The bottom ones are fine and are glowing. Can someone please help me? It obivously can't be the elements, so what else can it be? I would appreciate any help or answers I can get. -Lisa Grigs
  7. underfired bisque ware

    Thank you for answering my question and giving me some more advice along with it. I appreciate the help. -Lisa
  8. I recently got a used kiln and got it up and running this week. I did a test fire and it was able to reach cone 05 within an hour and fifty minutes. Yesterday, I decided to do a bisque fire. I started it at 7:30 and it seemed like the firing was going pretty good until the last part. I noticed that when I glanced in the peep hole that the top elements were not glowing at all. I know I need to replace them. I had the kiln going for at least 12 hours and it still hadn't reached cone 04 so then i decided to just turn it of and let it be. Today, when I looked at the cone there wasn't even a slight bend in it. What do I do about my bisque ware? When I change the elements should I re-fire them? Or since it was in the kiln for so long and the top elements gave up at the last bit that the bisque ware is okay and I don't have to re-fire? If someone could help me out an answer my question that would be great. Thank you. -Lisa