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  1. Sole Proprietorship Or Other?

    an LLC means if your sued they can not take your house etc....
  2. Credit Card Processing

    Look at quickbooks on line. There is little to no fee!
  3. Studio Bloggers Roll Call

    My website http://www.whirledmud.com My Blog http://whirledmud.blogspot.com/2010_06_01_archive.html
  4. POTS

    My pots
  5. Extraction For Spraying Glaze

    You can make one out of a shower stall. If you look online (craigslist) someone is usually looking to get rid of one. Ususally free or cheap
  6. Shino Reduction

    Look at the thickness of the glaze and the amount of reduction time and when..... POTTERY WEST and TOM COLEMAN are doing a shino firing workshop next june
  7. Sandp?aper

    I use drywall sanding screen (homedepot) or the the fiber tape for plumbers.

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