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  1. Ceramic Decals

    Hi Lucia. I have been making and using decals made on my laser printer. Here is what I have learned so far. First, only a few printers can make the images that can be fired. I use a Hewlett Packard laser printer. Ink jet printers don't work. I too read something about an acrylic coating and couldn't figure it out so I ignored it. I order my water slide decal paper from Beldecal and have been very satisfied. Make sure they are for laser printer and I find the letter size page works best. After printing and then soaking in warm water for about 1 minute, the decals slide onto the fired, glazed pots easily. I then fire to cone 04. I have discovered that decals also work on Terra Sig. There are some articles on the internet that I have found very helpful. A web site you might check is http://www.rothshank...ecal_Resources. I will be happy to provide any other information and will watch this site for additional questions. Claire Thank you so much, Claire, I tried on leather hard cups but I will try again over fired pieces. I hope it will be easier. I printed the decal paper with a HP laserjet . So ,after printing you do not coat the paper with the acrilic varnish? And still can get the image transfered easily? I may need some practice. Decals , I only used as a child on school projects. They were a little hard, not so gelly as this. Let´s see. I will write again as soon as I get any result. Thanks again Lucia
  2. Hi Everybody!!!!! I am a brazilian ceramist and I would love to include decals in my work. At the studio we fire at cone 6 on an eletric kiln. I have been reading articles about it and bought water slide decals for laser jet printers and printed my designs. However, in one article it was said that we should not use the acrylic coating and it was really difficult to trasfer the decal to the piece being the image printed on a gelly. Does anyone have an experience to share?? I would really appreciate. Thanks Lucia