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  1. Firing ^5 Slip Cast Forms With Bisque ^06 Or ^04 ?

    Hi Mark, Thank you for your quick reply! I didn't have cones to place in the kiln but I will put it in the glaze firing forsure to see the bottom part temperature of the kiln! Good advice ,thank you! I used a digital thermocouple to watch the kiln this time. It was also my first test firing with this new kiln. After I wrote the post here ,I called Laguna clay to ask for recommended bisque temperature for S-965 and they said ^06 as well. I was doing the firing yesterday and the firing took me 13 hours to reach ^06 I am manually controlling the kiln from the valves and every other hour monitoring it and tried to not exceed the temperature of 100F per hour till 1470 After I reached to 1470 I started to open the valves more (watching the burner flames) and let the heat rise approx.200 per hour and soaked 20 min. I think that was the hardest part to try to keep the temp. on ^06 for 20 min. And of course I wasn't able to stay on the targetted temp.) It is a new size kiln for me and I am a beginner with high firings:)) Let's see how the ^5 glazing will turn out, I would keep you updated and post pictures of the pieces! Gracias!
  2. Hello everyone! I have never done mid range firings before.I am not sure what would be the best temperature to do bisque firing to Laguna S-965 (Cone 5) Slip Cast pieces. The size of the pieces 14"dia x 9 height" , 3D hallow round forms I have an old front load ,updraft, 9 cubic feet, propane gas kiln with 4 burners on the bottem. Would be ^06 bisque to fragile for glazing ? Or 04 would be better? Also what would be your recommendations for temperature ramp since the pieces are very thin and fairly big? I would really appreciate for your opinions. Thank you very much!
  3. My first real kiln build

    Thank you for the reply and advice to all.. The kiln is a Skutt and the burners are MR750 Venturi.I first got an advice of using 4 burners .After talking with Ward they told me that I don't need 4 burners for 9cb feet kiln.I took their advice and I am using 2 burners now. I am planning to do low firings first but I want to have my options open as well if I need to do high firings therefore it is a good idea to go around the kiln w fiber blanket. How thick should be the fiber blanket? How tall the chimney should be?
  4. My first real kiln build

    Hello everyone and R Frasier, I am starting the retro fitting of an electric kiln to a downdraft gas kiln.I need some advice. I am posting the pictures of the bottom part of the kiln with a chmney. The cheminy size looks ok? I am not sure if the burner port holes size are enough big. Any comments? Thank you!