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  1. I am interested in the comments on re-using food containers. To the folk who say 'just go and buy purpose made ones' I offer this. It is not about how much money (which is an artificial concept) you spend but about what you remove from the landfill chain. If you think globally and trace your container back to the production of the container, it's shipping, printing, filling, transportation marketing and eventual retail, plus your transportation of it, you have a huge footprint on the planet. If you do not re-use it but dump it, the footprint grows and in some cases (plastic bottle tops) takes many years to cease affecting our atmosphere. In my studio I have at least two hundred plastic containers of sizes from 21 litre pails to 50gm medicine bottles. Less than twenty of these were purchased for the pottery and then only as part of the purchase of glaze materials. Many were recovered from our local waste station after being dumped by others. I believe that if all of us minimised our use of new containers we would have a meaningful impact on pollution of all kinds. What do others think?
  2. Hi Marcia, I live in NZ and am not familiar with the ingredient G200 but guess it is a feldspar? If so which Pot. or Soda? thanks.
  3. I would try room temperature plasticine, rolled out to the appropriate size and fairly thick, pressed onto the ice immediately it is removed from the freezer. A light spray of cooking oil on the surface of the plasticine which will take the impression should see a clean lift but if it sticks, leave the ice to melt and you will still have an impression.
  4. Ha Newbie, you beat me to it! Like you I am an 'older' potter. While having just a few years at potting, I have an administrative backgorund so appreciate a well written and laid out book. When my book arrived, I was mildly disappointed as it looks a little unassuming and ho-hum until you really need some particular information. I have previously had mixed results (pun intended) making terra sigilatta but followed the seemingly pedantic instructions to the letter and am now feeling empowered to do many other things as the results are terrific. This book is the one that a beginning potter could use for a whole career. I am shifting house soon and am planning my new studio with much more confidence and certainty then before. All the suggestions are backed up with sound logic and a great deal of thought. Like you I appreciate the section on making your own tools and improvising. A man after my own heart!
  5. 46South

    How Much Lpg?

    Thank you so much to all of you who gave advice. I have learned a lot and feel confident now to approach a gas fitter, armed with the information. I think the problem the previous owner had may have been the very small diameter 'gooseneck' pipes between the cylinders. Thanks again 46south
  6. Hello Brenda,

    your pottery journey sounds a bit like mine only I have much less specific training. I live in a small coastal town at the southern tip of New Zealand (pop. 2000) and am loving learning about clay. Currently I am experimenting with locally dug clay of which there are widely varying types from low grade earthenware to white ball clay inland.I'd love to hear from you.

  7. I am a beginner potter who has fired only electric kilns and I recently bought an old 9 cu.ft. fibre LPG kiln. Can any one advise me on the best size cylinders to get please? The kiln has two burner ports at the front at the bottom of the door. I believe the previous owner had two 12 kg cylinders but had trouble reaching top temperatures due to freezing of the gas. However, because I already have two 45kg cylinders installed on the property for my domestic use if I get more 45kg cylinders I have to get a number of certificates to comply with the local regulations. My question is; will the 45kg cylinders be a significant advantage and will they prevent freezing?

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