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    Tips and Tricks for Stubborn Naked Raku

    Charlene, The slip used for naked raku only works as long as is it is fired low enough to act more like kilnwash than regular slip. Taking it too high in temperature didn't just contribute to the problem you are having, it's the whole problem. You seem to have gone just high enough to begin to fuse the slip together -- or rather, just high enough for the glaze to fuse too far into the slip or to work its way between cracks in the slip (I'm assuming you have a glaze layer over the slip since that's the only naked raku process I know). In the future you could adjust the slip to make it more refractory (probably by upping the kaolin a bit, although it might not be that simple). You may have gotten to the point where it is better to give up on scraping that piece. Often with clay you have to know when to just learn from something like this and move on. --Colby
  2. DH I was wondering if you have made any progress on this? I was just about to buy the exact same color for silkscreening on decal paper so it would be good to know if you have any more to share on the subject. I was actually going to try the waterbased method that Kevin Petrie describes in his book on ceramic transfer methods, because I don't have facilities at my school to teach students how to use the oil based materials -- not safely anyway. Kevin's method involves using a different kind of decal paper that does not require covercoat, which might perform differently, can't say from experience yet. The main question I have about your results is about the form you were putting the decals on. Is it something you made, or something you bought? If you made it, can you tell me what is the highest cone it went to? And if you bought it, was it from a source that revealed that same information? I think Kevin mentioned in his book that lowfire clays can cause more problems with decals, but I'm not sure if they are even the same problems you are having. --Colby Parsons

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