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  1. lithography decal

    I wasn't clear. Sorry. I meant that if I were you, I would ask Atlas Ink. You can contact them on their website. They are very knowledgeable. They may have already produced ceramic decal ink or know if it is feasible. Silk screening can lay down a much thicker layer of ink than is possible with offset printing. Bumper stickers are generally printed by silk screen, because the thicker the layer of ink, the longer it tends to last in sunlight. A thick layer of silk screen ink would probably also fire better than a thin layer of offset ink. Sincerely, Arnold Howard Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA ahoward@paragonweb.com / www.paragonweb.com Offset machine has a better quality , and for thickness we will print each colour several times and for drying we will use UV resin , can you please send me their page address ?
  2. lithography decal

    we will sale it to big ware factories ! No need to produce 15000 pcs decal papers ,with this method we can produce the same amount in 1 hour,while it takes 4 days with silk screen. this method increases the speed specially in mass production so can reduce the costs too.
  3. lithography decal

    That is an interesting question. I would ask Atlas Ink in Dallas, Texas if they could make an offset ink that could print ceramic decals. Atlas is a very good ink company. We use that ink for the Paragon catalog and manuals. Sincerely, Arnold Howard Paragon Industries, L.P., Mesquite, Texas USA ahoward@paragonweb.com / www.paragonweb.com Thank you Arnold I am waiting for your news ,
  4. lithography decal

    Thank you michael my problem is that i dont know any engineer or anybody that work in this field those who know about offset machine and printing media dont know about ceramic industry and those who know about ceramic dont know about offset printing.
  5. lithography decal

    this printers have their limits , an offset printer is capable to print 15,000 A1 sheets per hour ! there is no machine that can compete with it this method just is ok for mass production
  6. lithography decal

    Please read here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Offset_printing this is an offset machine that i want to produce its ink !
  7. lithography decal

    Thank you neilestrick can you please give me more information ? any video , photo or website ..? I think inkjet printers are slow but offset machine is so fast and economical , there is no machine that can compete with it.
  8. Hello I want to know if there is a kind of ceramic offset lithography ink that can print ceramic decals by offset machine instead of current methods? Now there is two methods that you can see below. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ceramic_decal 1-silk screen printing 2- lothography printing but in my point of view in litho printing still there is no ink that can print directly like screen printing and now with ceramic litho prints. instead of using ceramic inks. litho varnish is used for each colour. After passing through the litho press. the decal paper is dusted with pigment ... can anyone give me some information in which a company had invented this ink before and if not can it be used in industry? or it is a Wild-goose chase and zero scoring effort and it is better i dont wast my time on this ?

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