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  1. Sounds good. Silica sand. Have to deal with the body the way it is....all the tiles are made. I used to feel confident about the body because I have a long history using it. Thanks again.
  2. Thank you all for your thoughtful replies. The are appreciated. I have already completed making the tiles. They have been drying for the past month, there's no way I can change anything. I have used this clay body to make other large tiles many years ago, so there's a certain amount of faith I have about the clay. Having said that, everything and anything seems to be a variable right now. I will fire the next couple of sample tiles in an electric kiln with grog under each. See what happens there. Then proceed. I am going with the idea of direct interaction with the kiln shelves and possibly to quick a bisque. Will see. Again thank you for your thoughts.
  3. You can't see the crack from the top, only from the bottom side. However, the first time I fired sample tiles (and did not notice the cracks on the bottom until after the glaze fire) the cracks did go through only not as obviously. Interesting thought on your part. What's on your mind?.....
  4. Two images, one from back (on edge) the other flat looking down. Both were bisqued. I will fire next time on a bed of grog. Did that for the glaze fire and noticed the cracks after that fire. I am thinking the cracks came with the bisque.
  5. They dried on drying racks made of slats. I will try to fire on bed of grog possibly in an electric kiln??? I once made some super large slabs, about 40" x 24" they cracked similarly and I fired them on beds of fiberfax.
  6. I recently bisqued 4 large, thick (about 1 1/4" in some places) tiles in a propane updraft kiln. Bisqued to my normal 08 in about 8 hours. Two of the tiles cracked to tiny pieces ( I am thinking they must have had some moisture in them, but they had changed color and dried for a month before firing). The other two tiles have cracks in them that go from the outside edge inward. Not sure what is going on. I am using a clay that I make myself and have used for dozens of years. Have even made other large tiles with that clay. Kiln is different from the one long ago. Kiln is up-draft, propane. I had the kiln on pilots for about 12 hours, top was hot when I removed spy hole. Not sure how to limit the variables. Fire on grog? Take longer for bisque firing? Put up a baffle wall? I can't afford to loose anymore tiles. Have any suggestions?