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  1. Cat Woman

    Underglazes Vs Glazes

    Check the handouts on engobes and underglazes and on Mason stains at Vince Pitelka's website: http://iweb.tntech.edu/wpitelka/syllabi-handouts/handouts-info.htm You may also find recipes in the various Robin Hopper books and other sources. Thank you. I'm just starting back up in pottery after a few years off after a broken wrist and a move to Texas. I had been going to a local studio where we fired to cone 10 reduction. I now have my own kiln and will be firing to cone 6 oxidation. The problem is I have left over cone 10 clay that I want to fire before starting on cone 6 but I don't want to invest heavily in cone 10 glazes. I have a clear glaze that will fire from cone 5-10 so would like to do some slip work and now the idea of the underglaze is intriguing. Lots to learn - which makes it fun.
  2. Cat Woman

    Underglazes Vs Glazes

    So, are there recipes to make your own underglazes? I have lots of books for making glazes but they don't have recipes for underglazes. I have lots of Mason stains and clear glaze so this sounds like a fun thing to do if I knew how.
  3. Cat Woman

    Are You Taking Pictures/notes While Working?

    What you have is "Googleheimers" By the time you get to the computer you forget what you were going to look up.
  4. One thing that always got the kids was to throw something to failure (a cylinder that gets too tall) then smash it down. This was for rotating groups of 3rd graders so it will be much harder to demonstrate for your varied audience.
  5. Hope to get down to the Valley for one of your workshops. Please keep us informed as to what, when, where, etc. I think I could get a group from Rockport to make the trip or what do you charge to put on a workshop? Maybe you could come up here?!?

    1. Marcia Selsor

      Marcia Selsor

      I would be happy to come up there. Private email me and we can discuss it.


  6. Cat Woman

    Some Changes To The Forum

    I agree. Thank you all for keeping the information and encouragement flowing!! Even if I can't get my hands in mud every day I can get my fix from great questions and very knowledgeable answers (and lots of humor).
  7. Cat Woman

    My Angelbun's Urn

    Guinea, I'm sorry for your loss, too. I was at a demonstration recently and the potter, Janice Joplin, asked for ideas. I have 4 senior cats and will be facing their loss soon. I wanted an urn that looked like a sleeping cat. She uses pool noodles as her armature and placed the noodle inside a cylinder of clay, then added legs and tail and made a face. You have to let the form stiffen somewhat before you close up the rear end so that you can get the noodle out. She made a lid in the top and a mouse as the handle on the lid. She was very good and very fast and it is something I will have to practice at but I can now see my way to making different cat shaped urns for my four ( one of the cats we call "otter cat" because he sleeps on his back). With all of the talent you have shown I know you can do a great job. I want to place my urns in my garden, under bushes, by the birdbath, etc. Remember, they never really leave us - we have their love always.
  8. Cat Woman

    Diy Sieve

    We lived in Richland, WA when Mt. St. Helen's blew. Potters in Moses Lake said they put a sheet our in their yard to collect some ash - when they went out they couldn't find the sheet. It was buried under about a foot of ash.
  9. So glad things turned out OK. Is it a corollary of Murphy's Law that it always seems to be the special "something" that you really need that has problems. Have fun with Monkeyshines!
  10. Cat Woman

    Creamation Urns, Firing And Sealing...

    I've told my children (and husband) that I will make them a set of dishes with their Dad's ashes incorporated into the glaze. This has all been said in jest but I can see making something tangible and "touchable" with a loved ones ashes. (Or a furry child's ashes.) Very interesting thread!

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