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  1. Wanted to let you guys know how much I appreciate your help with my kiln issues! I've called Euclid, as many suggested doing-not only on my original thread but on others. I spoke to a guy named Jay and he was great! Was able to help me figure out what kiln model I had, as there is no metal plate/description anywhere on the kiln. He also knew which elements I needed and I got a discount for ordering all 4(hey, every penny helps!). I will be a forever loyal lurker here from now on! At this point I've only been throwing for about a year and a half so I won't have much to contribute at this point but will sure look for an opportunity to return the favor! Thanks again!!! Beth
  2. I'm in desperate need of help! I have an old, used Gare (now called Evenheat) kiln with a perfect fire kiln sitter. There are 4 elements. 1 element broke, stopped working. Called x company who asked for a part number-which is nowhere to be found on the kiln. (they were very helpful and said it might be a sticker....which is no longer there....which doesn't help) Ordered kiln element for kiln my size ( 240v 17.5 inch wide 22'' tall) Element was too long so hubby trimmed it and fit it in. (he was an electrician in a former life so I trust him) First fire after element replacement was very slow and the bottom shelf was ruined(glaze ran onto shelf in a BAD way) Now testing- kiln heats very slowly once it gets to 1900 and doesn't reach cone 6, (or I shut it off because it's taking way too long-like 14 hours) and I worry about further damage) When I look into kiln at 800 degrees only bottom 6 rows of elements(so 2 old elements and the new one) are glowing but the top one isnt. All elements have continuity when tested(ability for electricity to flow through them) Checked fuses-all ok. Hubby checked fuse box and tightened connections Friend suggested it might be relay problem. I'm worried it's because we put a slightly longer element(though he trimmed it to fit) into the kiln and that's the problem. BUT it is an old kiln and I suppose the relays could be on the way out too. I've called evenheat before and always get this horrible lady on the phone and so have stopped dealing with them, have switched to dealing with national art craft . com who are much nicer and order drop ship from evenheat-so I get to deal with nice folks but still get the parts from evenheat. My question is, I guess, could it be the new element causing problems or a relay switch or something else. If it is a relay switch-is there a way to test them to see which one is on the way out. Hubby says it's best to go ahead and replace both...until we found that they are $60 a piece. I'll do it if I have to, if that will solve the problem, but I can't help but think-is it that element? Can you take an element for a larger kiln (same voltage) and trim it to fit? Part of me thinks 'it's metal, it's the same diameter, what's the difference?' and then part of me tells the rest of me that I'm perhaps an idiot and need advice from folks who know! Which brings me here. :mellow:src="http://ceramicartsdaily.org/community/public/style_emoticons/default/mellow.gif">

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