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  1. here's a video related to our subject (one day i'll be able to do this...) At the moment I've made my own pens. I'll tell you wether or not it is satisfying when they will be ready and give the recipe of course! These pens are very expensive in France too ! However I like them very much so I hope my home-made pens will be efficient.
  2. the thinest tip i have found on trailers in France is 0.8mm wide (diameter). Do you haver thiner tips in USA ? If the answer is yes, do you think I can use it with a slip or a glaze that had been dry sieved through an 120-mesh screen ? (I hope my english is good enough so that you can understand me ! If not, i really apologize...)
  3. yes ! I understand ! Am I right ? It's called in french a pear for slip. Thank you so much !
  4. hello I'm french and I have found here recipes to make ceramic pens and pencils that suits me. My problem is : i don't understand the word "trailer" (and therefore : what's the difference with pens ?) I've tried various dictionnaries but i always find : "remorque" (attached to a van) or "bande annonce" (related to movie) which doesn't make sens ! Any idea ? Thank you.

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