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  1. I'm having an issue with the transparent glaze I'm using. After the glaze firing, it is coming out an off-white color. After the firing, the underside, which has no glaze applied, is the white color I am looking for. I'm using Amaco Liquid Gloss (LG series) Cone 05. Any suggestions on a clear gloss that will leave the white color I'm looking for? Or is their something I could be doing wrong that could lead to this result? Thanks in advance Jessica
  2. Hello everyone, This is my first post here on the forum, but I've been a long time reader here and have gotten tons of useful advice from the people here, so I thought I would reach out for some help. I've recently started a small business turning hand prints into wonderful keepsakes. I've made ornaments, plates, and many other items and although it's just a side thing at this point, it has been great so far. I want to branch out my business and open an etsy shop. My idea is to mail customers some type of plaster, have them put their child's hand prints in it and mail it back. From that, I will turn the hand prints into whatever the customer wants (ornaments, frames, etc). There are a few sellers on Etsy already that do this, but I'm not exactly sure how they do it (and they don't want to divulge there process, understandably). My questions: 1. What type of plaster would be best to send out to customers to have them send back? I have done some work using model magic, and the products have turned out well, but they don't offer the detail that I would like. Here is a picture of what one of the online companies sends out..... http://www.handprintlady.com/uploads/6/0/1/3/6013613/863547_orig.jpg ...... any idea what this might be? It has a purple color to it but I'm not sure what it is. 2. Using the model magic, I've been able to use this idea to create 3d products that stick out of the clay, but how would you create a product that sticks into the clay as if it were a regular hand print? What would be the best way to do this. Thanks for your time. Any advice regarding these questions, or anything else, would be greatly appreciated. Jessica