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  1. Should one wash wood ash and why

    YES, YOU SHOULD WASH IT AS ALL THOSE SOLUBLE MATERIALS CAUSE YOUR GLAZE TO RUN ALL OVER THE PLACE! Sorry, had my caps lock on from the previous post.Use a dust mask and rubber gloves, dump ash into a bucket of water. Stir with a stick. Sieve through a window screen. Then sieve it back through at least a 40 mesh screen, if not an 80 mesh screen. Let it dry out completely as a powder, and there is your glaze material. Make sure that you process enough-at least a 5 gallon pail, so you don't have to keep testing.Remember, ash glazes tend to run anyway, so make some vertical tests to see how much it runs. To stop the running, add more clay. TJR
  2. Mud Lake Pottery

    Just a few of the things I make.