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  1. Photo Transfer

    Hi Sofia - most chemist or chemistry outlets should have some, even high-school biology labs. In desperate times I guess one could use clear gum from acacia trees too.
  2. Photo Transfer

    Hi Agnieszka, Will send it off this week still. You should be able to get some also from Potters Supply Mail Order, their website is http://www.potters.co.za/ Dont worry about costs, will be my pleasure. Have fun
  3. Firing Pictures

    What an exciting post - for may years have been experimenting with prints on various papers using various methods and recipes (ad nauseum ... eventually stopped. BUT printing onto clay opens up a whole new world!!!
  4. Photo Transfer

    Hi there - I live in Windhoek, Namibia and am offering you a cup full of the stuff. You will have to mix it up with luke warm water. First soak the amount needed and then stirr it in - all done with warm water. I add some thymol ( a drop of Dettol would do too) to keep it from rotting as I like to mix large qtys and store it. Send me your address and I can send you some - no problem. Also have an address of a supplier in SA who can sell you smaller amounts. The gum in solution is measured in "degree baume" if I am not wrong. I use it in scree and other printing. Regards Haiko