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  1. Sorry, I don't believe I've met Jerry, but his name seems familiar.

  2. DO you know Jerry Hendershot he is a potter from boise that i know.

  3. Im looking for a good wood ash glaze to fire in a salt kiln.
  4. How long should it take me to fire a trash can raku kiln with a weed burner.
  5. It was quite a jolt when I saw an entry with my name that I knew I hadn't posted. Looked again and saw you ran both words together. Small difference in spelling, big difference for others who might not recognize the small difference. You might get some strange emails.

  6. I usually just lift my pots from the wheel head so bats are not something that get used a lot in my studio. My grandfather uses plaster bats which i despise. Any ideas on materials i could make my own bats out of that would be cheaper than buying them.
  7. Idahopotter

    Firing metal in kilns? Help

  8. Idahopotter

    What is the best way to cut a chimney

    Since you only asked about metal I'm assuming it stainless steel-but thats not over the lid top usually unless its an old square cress or other brand. The soft brick will cut like butter I do agree on Perkos standard cutoff wheel suggestion.That should cut just about anything. Wear eye and ear protection Mark This is one of those old square cress kilns
  9. So I have an electric kiln that i am converting to gas and I need to cut a chimney in the top. The top is a harder metal not your typical electric kiln soft metal. How should I go about cutting it
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  11. Idahopotter


    Shino Tea Bowls
  12. Idahopotter


    Funny Little Tea pot
  13. Idahopotter


    Funny Little Tea pot
  14. Idahopotter

    ?My gas kiln is smoking?

    No i have removed the coils from the kiln. It is an electric kiln converted to gas propane. I don't think that this is all that uncommon.
  15. Ive fired electric for 4 years now. I just got a really old electric kiln for free from the local high school. The kiln is small so I cut only one burner port. I cut out a 7 by 2in chimney. When I began the first test firing it began to smoke within the first 5 min. Not sure why need some advice. Thanks from Idaho

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