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  1. Hey everyone (first post here). Im applying to mfa programs for fall 13 and im hunting for 1 or 2 more "smaller" programs to add to my list to increase my chances of getting into a program. The catch is, I'm hunting for a clay program that also has a jewelry/metals facility so I am able to accompany that with my forms (I do small scale sculpture). I ended up visiting CWU not too long ago and it was a fantastic school. Turns out Stephen is the moderator for this section. Stephen, you were right... small world. If anyone has suggestions that would be fantastic Thanks
  2. ChaseG

    MFA programs

    Thanks. The current school isnt an MFA program. I should have clarified. Its an MA program that I, more likely than not, am guaranteed an assistantship for the year program. this would give me some time to work on my portfolio and reapply to the schools. Its not ideal since I am on kinda of a time crunch to get into an MFA program, but its a good backup I think. I also uploaded a few images from this body of work. If you wanted to critique them I certainly wouldn't object. Every opinion is helpful.
  3. ChaseG

    Fall 2012

    These are a few images from the work that I spent night and day (literally) making to apply to grad school. Hope you all enjoy.
  4. ChaseG

    Not Enough

    From the album: Fall 2012

    Fired piece: Thrown, assembled, and altered porcelain, underglazes and colored slip, fired to 04. Post Fire Treatment: Ink wash and acrylic paint, Lost wax cast Sterling Silver spikes, fabricated nickel connection, boughten screws, steal chain, and sand.
  5. ChaseG

    From the Inside, Out

    From the album: Fall 2012

    Thrown, assembled, and altered "Red Art" earthenware, colored slips and underglazes, fired to 04. Ink wash and oil paint. Fabricated Nickel Silver stand. 2.5" x 4.5" x 5"
  6. ChaseG

    Just a Cover

    From the album: Fall 2012

    Thrown, assembled and altered "Red Art" earthenware, and hand-built porcelain. Fired to 04, ink wash, and oil paint. Fabricated and polished Nickel Silver stand. 2.5" x 4.5" x 3.5"
  7. ChaseG

    A Persistent Menace

    From the album: Fall 2012

    Thrown, assembled, and altered porcelain. Fired to 04, colored slip, underglaze, and ink wash. Fabricated nickel silver base. 2" x 2" x 3.5"
  8. ChaseG

    MFA programs

    Thanks Justan And Stephen, pleasure as well. The drive back through the pass was nice and sunny. Pulled off on the side of the highway to shoot some photos too. But BGSU is now added to my list. Id still like to add another program or two that isn't on the "List" that we all know of. So far my list is CWU, BGSU, indiana bloomington, ASU, SUNY new paltz, and VCU. Also the MA program at my current school is a backup if I don't get into an MFA program. Fingers crossed.

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