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  1. The Accidental Glaze Project

    Hello Denice, A craze free Celadon at cone 6 I don't think I have seen one myself. I was hoping to find project partners in this forum as well. We will need to solicit many accidental glazes to reduce the cost of testing. I dont think one person can do the project alone. When we have completed the project we can submit it for publishing. Are you in?
  2. The Accidental Glaze Project Has this happened to you? Out of the kiln comes a new set of glaze tests. One of the tests is incredibly beautiful!! It’s a blood red at cone 6 or a green glaze with only cobalt as a colorant or maybe it’s just the best glaze you've seen. You want to share it with the world! But realize: - That was the test you tossed in 10 grams of…(oh gosh what was that) just to see what would happen. - It’s the garbage glaze - You know what’s in it then try to reproduce it and it doesn't work. It could be the firing cycle but you can’t be sure. - You were sure you would remember that formulation Enter “The Accidental Glaze Project†Project goals: To explore the role of serendipity in glaze formulation To explore the results of glazes made by accident rather than design Create a publication Project Method: Gather a very large number of accidental glazes. Through the efficiency of numbers reduce the cost of a full spectrum analysis from $100 to less than $15. Project Funds: Individuals who wish to have a glaze analyzed and who would like to participate in the project pay the reduced analysis fee. Project is also funded through volunteer efforts. If you have a glaze you want analyzed or if you administrative or leadership skills and want to run portions of the project drop me a line. Cheers.