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  1. Darvan #811

    Thanks Neil, that's a good suggestion. Yes, the reaction with Darvan 7 is immediate, 811 is slower. Any thoughts on the quality of the slip when too much Darvan is added...would the cast pieces be weaker or stronger?
  2. Darvan #811

    justanassembler, thank you for your response. How slowly is "slowly"...by the drop, 5 drops at a time, how many do I start with...? Since I was told by the manufacturer to wait at least 24 hours, if not longer, between additions, it'll be a lengthy process. A specific gravity of 1.75-1.85 is what I should aim for?
  3. Darvan #811

    Hi, I'm mixing VC vitreous white /\6 casting slip, which calls for 3.5% Darvan 7. Unfortunately I cannot get Darvan 7 any longer and was sold Darvan 811. I'm trying to find out how much DArvan 811 to use as it is "much stronger"....very vague. Research on the internet, and phone conversations with reps from the manufacturer (Vanderbilt) and Laguna haven't helped much as they say "to add little by little", "don't use too much", "wait at least 24 hours after adding Darvan 811, as it works much slower than Darvan 7". I have done all that but the slip still feels thick and almost gooey. I don't know how much Darvan is too much. Does anybody have had this experience, and found a solution? Vitreous white /\6 grolleg 25 EPK 25 Kona F-4 30 frit 3124 4 flint 16 bentonite 2 H2O 40-50% darvan 7 3.5 grs darvan 811 ????? Thanks, raymonde
  4. Cone 6 Porcelain Slip Casting recipe

    I'm looking for the same, but can't find anything that works at /\6 oxidation. Have tried: grolleg 60 epk 60 flint 60 custer feldspar 30 neph sye 30 bentonite 5 darvan Fired at /\6-7 it remains porous. Any help is appreciated.