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  1. Photo Transfer

    Hello Haiko, Thank you very much. just checking out the potters mail and order. Best regards Agnieszka
  2. Photo Transfer

    Dear Haiko, This is really nice of you! I owe you big time. Now i suppose i got everything i need to start my project. My adress is PO BOX 733 3867 Mtunzini, Zululand RSA. i'm not sure how this works, but you can send it to me and I will pay for delivery this side. (At the post office?), don't want you to go to too much trouble over it. Please i'd like a contact to this company in SA which supplies arabic gum in smaller amounts. isn't this ceramics daily forum magnificent? Thank you Agnieszka Lango
  3. Photo Transfer

    Hi Admin and other users, Yes I have seen Kristina bogdanov's presentation. that was so great. I have come across her website and few days later had a pleasure to watch her on ceramics daily.what a luck. now i'm struggling to get gum arabic, which is so funny. we used to use it at school as glue, because it is nontoxic (and we even ate it, don't ask me why, kids are weird), so it was easy to get. but that was in poland. now i'm in south africa and manage to find a supplier but would have to buy minimum a tone of this stuff!.. will just keep serching. does anyone know what do you mix arabic gum powder to achive liquid consystency?
  4. Photo Transfer

    hi, I'd like to transfer photos/ images onto a ceramic pieces. Does anyone know what sort of materials to use to create water decals and where to get them from? I got hold of a chinese company who produces ceramic paint cartridges for printers and a transfer paper but still did not receive any reply from them. I'm in South Africa. Thank You