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  1. Is unglazed pottery safe for this use?

    Thanks, I just mostly burnish and then I plan to fire it in a 3ft pit with sawdust and leaves on the bottom and stack wood on top. As far as rims go almost all of my work is very hardy. Delicate isn't really in my vocabulary, I like robust forms that don't look like they will break if I look at them wrong! I admire delicate work but it isn't in my repertoire!
  2. So I just getting started with pit firing and I know that it isn't 'food safe' which is generally fine because I am more into making things like lanterns and wall masks. However I was wondering if a large bowl would still be safe for things like unpeeled apples and oranges or other fruits that have a peel on them. Also I have seen morter and pestle sets that seem to be unglazed. Are these safe to use for grinding herbs that will be used in food or not? I'm sorry if these sort of questions have been answered, I didn't find them when I searched. -winterlight