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  1. Thanks so much for the reply. I was so annoyed I had to put it aside when I got it. But I will fiddle with it tomorrow. I know exactly what you mean about being stable when standing. I don't really have a lot of hope - those legs are so thin! There isn't a glue that is super thin that fires out at a higher temp like 1200f or so is there? The ceramic repair solutions occupy too much of a space when joining parts like this.
  2. I just got a Hagen Renaker horse figurine on a base that I bought from someone online. The dingbat did a terrible job packing it and it arrived with 3 broken legs. I got it for a steal, so I am not going to return it and I'd like to try to repair it. Hagen Renakers are earthenware and I have been able to fix chips with just a touch of glaze - usually Stroke n Coat and refire it at cone 05. This presents itself as more of a problem because it needs to stand on its legs during firing and that is what is broken. I was thinking of gluing the legs and putting clear glaze over the whole thing and refiring, but I am afraid the glue would fire out so early that the piece would just fall apart. Any suggestions or ideas? Thanks, in advance for your advice.