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  1. Paragon intake holes

    paradise, if youre not sure about the holes, turn out the lights in the room and get your hubby to shine a flashlight on the lid while you stand on other side and see if any light passes. normally the lids are not predrilled due to the fact that not everyone gets a vent master. it usually calls for 4 small holes to be drilled 90 degrees from each other in the top lid. sometimes comes with a template. good luck. j.
  2. Using wads in an electric kiln?

    wildfire-i make and use wadding made from fireclay, sand, and wood dust in equal amounts. add water until right consistency. you can sustitute good 'ol uncooked grits in place of the wood dust for a more meaningful southern experience. fire up to cone 10 - no proble. oh yeah, i do this in an electric kiln, many many times.